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BOTAŞ International conducts environmental activities of Turkey section of the BTC pipeline compliant with legal liabilities and international standards committed as per Project Agreements, and within this context, performs required environmental monitoring surveys.

Environmental Management System


Basic activities, such as;

  • Environmental risk assessment of all activities;
  • Ensuring that all activities are compliant with national legislation and project standards;
  • Managing, monitoring and reporting of environmental incidents and accidents;
  • Obtaining environmental permits of all facilities;
  • Controlling and reviewing of BIL’s contractors’ environmental activities;
  • Ensuring operational changes, new projects and all purchases for company activities are compliant with environmental objectives and requirements;
  • Reporting to authorities regarding environmental issues; Reviewing the compliance of third parties (recycling, disposal, waste transportation facilities to project standards;

    are successfully carried out by BIL.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

BIL has been ISO14001 certified for the operation of the Turkey section of the BTC pipeline in 2008. During the surveillance and re-certification audits, BIL is registered for successful implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS) requirements. Within the scope of EMS continuous improvement, internal audits are performed at all facilities annually by BIL’s auditor/lead auditor certified personnel.

EcoCard System, which is developed and used by BIL to report, prevent and remedy environmental non-comformances, is a good practise model to other companies.

Environmental impacts of operational activities are being closely monitored at all pump stations, on RoW (Right of Way) and in sea as per a comprehensive environmental monitoring programme.

The on-shore (pipeline) and off-shore (marine) ecological monitoring surveys those carried out periodically enable BIL to follow any kind of change in terrestrial and marine life.

Beside ecological monitoring surveys, discharges of domestic waste water treatment plants and oily water separators at all facilities are monitored regularly. Also, stack emissions are monitored annually and air quality measurements are done at CMT.


Environmental Monitoring Surveys