Environmental Monitoring Surveys

Environmental Monitoring Surveys


Discharge water monitoring surveys

Discharges of all DWWTPs (Domestic Waste Water Treatment Plant) and OWSs (Oily Water Separator) at all facilities (PTs, CMT) are being monitored periodically in accordance with national regulations and project standards. Water samplings and analysis are undertaken by accreditated laboratory.  

Groundwater Quality Monitoring Survey

At Pump Stations and Ceyhan Marine Terminal, potable water is supplied from groundwater wells. Water quality and level monitoring are undertaken at all wells annually.

Stack Emission Monitoring Survey

Stack emissions are monitored periodically at all stations and CMT as per ‘Regulation on Control of Air Pollution Sourced from Industry’ and project standards.

Air Quality Monitoring Surveys (Ceyhan Marine Terminal)

Ambient air quality monitoring parameters reflect potential impacts that may result from the operation of the CMT. Ambient air quality is measured at multiple locations at ground level and includes provision for determining background air quality and to observe changes in air quality (if any) resulting from the CMT operations.

Ecological (Vegetation Cover and Species Diversity) and Physical Monitoring Surveys on Pipeline (RoW)

Pipeline physical monitoring surveys are undertaken in order to determine the success of reinstatement activities (erosion control measures, drainage structures, etc) and to maintain and physical defects on pipeline (RoW).

Ecological monitoring on the ROW consists of the vegetation cover and species diversity monitoring to ensure that the biorestoration objectives as set out in the EIA and EMS are maintained during the Operations phase.

Marine Turtle Monitoring Survey

The results of marine turtle research activities carried out at detailed engineering, pre-construction and construction stages of BTC Project, researches showed that the small beaches between Yumurtalık and BOTAS District Management (DM) in Iskenderun Gulf are important nesting areas for critically endangered marine turtles “Green turtle (Chelonia mydas)” and “Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta)”. In accordance with the research findings, the region (Iskenderun Gulf-Yumurtalik) is known to be an important nesting area for Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) rather than Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta). Marine Turtle Monitoring Surveys have been carried out regularly from 2002 in accordance with the commitments in EIA and BIL Environmental Management Plans.

Marine Ecology (Biota and Water Quality) and Marine Sediment Monitoring Surveys

Ceyhan Marine Terminal is located at northeast section of Iskenderun Bay. The marine baseline of CMT location was determined at EIA stage by Marine Ecology and Sediment Surveys. The surveys were continued to be undertaken at Operations Stage in order to determine the impacts (if any) of CMT operational activities.

Coastal Processes Monitoring Survey

The purpose of coastal processes monitoring surveys is to explore the possible impacts of the BTC Jetty on the coastal dynamics of the beaches adjacent to the Jetty both N and S. Accoring to the geological risk assessment studies of CMT, the risk of coastal erosion is minor as the seabed is predominantly flat (approximately 1º slope). This suggests that net sediment transport will be relatively minimal.