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BOTAŞ International (BIL) According to the items Turkish Republic’s regulations of laws:

This company always has got training activities and always provides continuity including trainings and training activities such as; it is an obligatory that workers are given HSE trainings, if it is necessary, they have to take trainings again according to the way in the law, and so, when it is necessary some trainings have to be repeated according to the items definited in the training regulations and law supervisions have to be done, so, they provide e reliable continuity in training activities to cary out the regulations and conditions about training totally   in compromise with BTC-CO Co-operation.

In needed areas, BIL leave enough financial resources for these trainings every year.

Thenks to this financial support, all of the trainings that are totally certificated are assured from the recruitments national and international foundations including universities.

In BOTAŞ İnternational, some foundations can give trainings,and also, workers in departments support by giving in service trainings. The workers who give in service trainings have a competency and have developed in their competencies as trainers in Botaş İnternational.

As The measurement and evaluation of the trainings are checked with exams, they are supervisioned with (CAMS) Competency Assurance Management System.