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The Occupational Health and Safety Law plays an important and effective role in increasing the perception and sensitivity of OSH in our country.

A healthy and safe working environment is a prerequisite for rapid and healthy development with the provision of work peace. Occupational accidents and occupational diseases, by their consequences threaten human life and health, therewithal they are a significant cost factor for businesses and also directly affect productivity in the workplace. Work is underway to increase the awareness of occupational health and safety, which is a prerequisite for the reduction of occupational accidents and occupational diseases, to take the necessary measures to ensure continuity, to sensitize employees to these issues, and to ensure effective implementation of legislation. One of the most important factors for the effective implementation of occupational health and safety legislation is the development of the employees' personal level of self-esteem and safety awareness, in other words security culture.

BOTAS International, carrying out its Occupational Health and Safety activities of BTC Crude Oil Pipeline Turkey Section in accordance with regulatory requirements and to the international standards committed with the project agreements, follows the necessary activities in this context.

BIL has established the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System to ensure the protection of occupational health and increase work efficiency.

In this context, our main activities are;

•All legal regulations and national and international standard requirements are regularly monitored and implemented.

•Internal and external audits are regularly performed in our sites, and non-conformances are reported and recorded on a regular basis.

•The level of achievement of OHS targets is monitored by monthly KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reports. The effectiveness of the controls is monitored by routine site controls and inspections.

•BIL carries out a wide market research in the procurement process of PPE, and purchases PPE at the highest standard, and delivers them to its employees.

•All accidents, diseases, incidents and other disabilities (equipment, training, etc.) are recorded, and required improvements are provided.

•By the Computer Based Maintenance Management System (MAXIMO) and recorded in the system all team and maintenance (breakdown maintenance, periodic), measurements and calibrations of all equipments are monitored, and the results are recorded in the system.

•HS Committee meetings are regularly held in all our sites.

•BIL provides all legal and required sectoral trainings to employees in charge to ensure that all employees are able to perform their work in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with standards.

•BIL participates in OHS meetings, conferences, seminars and fairs to increase the awareness of OHS professionals.

•The outsourced or BIL-related accidents and “Lessons Learned” about the accidents are shared with all employees, and trainings are provided to prevent repetitions or the like.

•“Site Induction and Orientation" trainings are given to all visitors and temporary workers who come to our facilities.

•BIL attaches great importance to road safety as well as to occupational safety. All BIL and contractor/subcontractor drivers who use vehicles in the company are provided with Safe Driving (Defensive, Offroad, Antiskid) trainings.

•All BIL and Contractor / Subcontractor vehicles operating in BIL facilities are controlled by the Arvento Satellite Tracking System and speed violations are regularly reported.

•Emergency health service is provided for 7 days and 24 hours in our infirmaries in all our facilities.

•Weekly and monthly disease statistics covering all staff and visitors who apply to our clinics are done. As a result of the statistics produced, it is determined in which months the disease has increased, announcements are made to increase the personnel awareness about the seasonal diseases and vaccination campaigns are organized if possible.

•Alcohol and drug test is performed randomly to employees at all sites with our alcohol meter and drug test kits available in all infirmaries.

•Water samples taken from certain locations are sent to the laboratories on a monthly basis to perform Bacteriological Water Analysis (Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform, E-coli) and on annual basis for Chemical Water Analysis (pH, odor, hardness, arsenic ...).

•Hygiene controls are carried out at all our sites twice a month.

•Monthly eyewash stations, weekly first aid kits, daily ambulances and infirmary medical supplies are checked.