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BOTAŞ International (BIL) is the Designated Operator of Turkish Section of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Crude Oil Pipeline The aim of operation is the safe and efficient transportation of 50 MTA (Million Metric Tons Annualy) (approximately 1,000,000 bpd (barrel per day)) crude oil from Azerbaijan to Turkey via Georgia through a pipeline, of which approximately 1076 km runs through Turkey. The pipeline discharges into a new Marine Terminal in Ceyhan.

Strategic Goals

  • To create value by meeting European energy demand with the energy sources of the Caspian and Middle East Regions, To contribute to setting liberalized market conditions, and therefore having an effective and independent voice in the oil and natural gas market,
  • To introduce energy to Turkey at world level cost
  • To increase the satisfaction of our customers
  • To form a dynamic and structurally strong organization, welcoming quality standards and sharing a common culture,
  • To build strategic co-operation
  • To respect natural environments, pursue the security of employees and support the social environment we come into contact with,
  • To increase the satisfaction and efficiency of our employees