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Our vision is to be; a highly reputable, financially and operationally strong and leading model company in the field of oil pipeline operation for both nationally and internationally.


To operate Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Crude Oil Pipeline at high efficiency and provide satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders, based on our operational perception with commitments to our core values, competencies and Health & Safety, Environment and Quality standards.

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy

BIL, as the "Designated Operator" company, carry out all activities in accordance with national and internationally accepted standards of Health & Safety, Environment, Quality and their rules and practices in order to provide services to run the Turkey section of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Crude Oil Pipeline and associated facilities.

BIL has the following commitments while performing the above-mentioned services;

  • Continuous improvement of health, safety, environment and quality management systems,
  • Compliance with National Legislation, International Agreements and all applicable Health, Safety, Environment and Quality standards and requirements,
  • Providing employees, contractor / subcontractor employees with health, safety and environmental obligations to trainees, and to communicate and disseminate this policy to be open to access and to be rewieved by all related parties,
  • Establishing and auditing annual Health, Safety, Environment and Quality objectives, and performance based reporting,
  • Identify all hazards to our employees, contractors / subcontractors employees, trainees, and visitors at the activity areas, and the health and safety of local people, and taking necessary precautions by assessing risks and to prepare for emergencies,
  • Prevention of environmental pollution which may occur as a result of BIL and contractor / subcontracting activities, and taking all necessary precautions to undertake control at the source,
  • Providing feedback from all related parties and taking the necessary steps,
  • Establishing awareness of employees, contractors / subcontractors and trainees about the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management Systems and ensuring their competence and consciousness to carry out the related activities safely without harming the cultural and historical heritage without threatening the integrity of the environment and society,
  • Ensuring to minimize all BIL, contracting / subcontracting employees and trainees the health impairments, work accidents and occupational diseases , and to make them understand "Zero Fault Safety Culture"
  • Increasing the awareness of all our employees, including contractors and subcontractors that the natural resources are consumed as result of our activities and ensuring that resource consumption is minimized as much as possible,
  • Encouragement of active participation by employees, and providing open communication environment,
  • Ensuring and maintaining customer satisfaction,
  • Reduction of negative social impacts on local people and neighbors through effective public relations activities.

Our Information Security Management Systems Policy

BIL is committed to ensure and continuity of an Information Security Management System architecture conforming to the ISO/IEC 27001 criterias which information security of persons, infrastructures, software, hardware, organizations, financial resources and third parties are ensured, the risks are managed and monitored, process performance is measured, relations with third parties are taken into account regarding information security.

The basic principles of BIL's Information Security Management System are as follows; 

  • Protecting the information assets that BIL has operated, maintained and shared with other organizations according to the principles of privacy, integrity and accessibility,
  • Managing information assets, determining the security values, needs and risks of assets, developing the management system established to implement security risk controls and to ensure continuous improvement,
  • Assessing the risks arising from processes in accordance with BIL's vision and mission, identifying the need for continuous improvement and opportunities,
  • Keeping up with and following technological developments and changes in the context of the serviced scope,
  • Ensuring business continuity by reducing the impact of information security risks,
  • Complying with national and international regulations, legal and related legislation requirements, liabilities arising from agreements, corporate responsibilities for internal and external stakeholders,
  • Being competent to intervene rapidly in the events of information security and to minimize the effect of the event,
  • Protecting and improving the level of information security over time with a cost-effective control infrastructure,
  • Improving the reputation of BIL, protecting it from adverse effects based on information security,
  • Realizing trainings to improve employees' information security awareness and competencies, being a model organization in the sector by providing necessary support and being integrated with other management systems.